Cultural Diversity

eiConsulting specialises in designing and delivering tailored cross cultural engagement and education programs.

Cultural diversity is the array of differences among groups of people with definable and unique cultural backgrounds. These differences originate in a number of ways, such as visible differences like colour of skin and other physical attributes, linguistic differences, differences in faith and beliefs and lifestyle differences such as rules of interaction. Thus, engaging across cultures can often be difficult and challenging.

In Australia as well as globally, cultural diversity along with the emergence of the digital economy and new technology is redefining globalisation. These changes are transforming our communities to become more culturally and linguistically diverse, which pose new challenges as well as opportunities, especially in the expanding Asian markets such as India.

To address the challenges posed by the cross cultural barriers, we offer a suite of experiential learning programs to introduce clients to foundational ideas, debates and discussions on cultural diversity, inclusion and cohesion.

Our programs help our clients achieve and build success by developing their cultural competencies. The programs include topics such as

  • Foundations of culture
  • Manifestations of culture
  • Cross-cultural intelligence and leadership
  • Engaging across cultures
  • Strengthening linkages to Asia, especially Indian subcontinent

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